Friday, October 15, 2010


May I take this opportunity of thanking you for introducing me to your product (Lamp of Life) Transdermal Magnesium. I have been suggesting its use  now for the past few months  for various purposes from muscular strain, abrasions, cuts and general pain to type 2 diabetes and sinusitis inflammation with wonderful results and I would recommend it to anyone.

In fact I can’t stop speaking to friends, family and work colleagues about the amazing properties of this product, as I believe it to be very beneficial generally and its inexpensiveness is certainly an added bonus. I am very involved with provision of natural, effective and inexpensive medical care for the poor and less fortunate members of our Province of KZN and our distributors are reporting very encouraging feedback from the field.

Thank You so much and Warm Regards
Emil Long (Co-ordinator Fund for Natural medicinal products -Emmanual Cathedral Durban)

I have been selling Lamp of Life Transdermal Magnesium to my patients for over 3 months now. The product is an extremely successful one in that patients often find great relief and comfort from it. Not only have they found that it works well for pain relief but also in the reduction of swelling. Lastly, it's an affordable "take home" for patients. 

The benefit for me is that it removes some of the stress of pain reduction off my shoulders.

Kind Regards
Dr Adam Cullinan

Being a Health & Wellness Coach I often get asked to try a product and assess it.  I do this but every now and then a product comes across my path that is revolutionary!!  Lamp of Life is quite amazing.

My husband has rheumatoid arthritis and really suffers with his hands with the pain and very poor circulation.  In fact his circulation is so bad that when he has to try and get blood to test for his blood glucose levels (he is an insulin dependent diabetic) there is often so little circulation that he cannot get even a drop of blood.  Well that is all changing.

Since starting to rub Lamp of Life onto his hands the pain is being relieved and he now rubs the liquid onto his finger tips prior to pricking them and is able to get blood!!  Like a small miracle.

He also has cancer spots on his chest and these are looking so much healthier.  Did you know that it also removes moles!!

I have not had a migraine for many months but had one last week – (my husband) suggested I use Lamp of Life - grudgingly I did.  Well it only took about five minutes and I could feel the pain subsiding. 
Well done - a product that really works

Sue Frye
Health & Wellness Coach

I am 77 and have bad arthritis in my hands and knees. I rubbed the magnesium in and I’m mobile now and have no pain in my knee at all.
Hazel, KZN

I am over 50 and diabetic. I also run comrades. I have so much more energy and feel better than I have in many years. Thank you!
Selby, KZN

I am diabetic and had very sore legs and a damaged toe with a blood clot under the nail. The pain is gone, the nail came off and the area is healing really well.
Dorothy, KZN

I have gout and it has helped me so much. Nothing else helped me. My wife had a stroke and had no movement in her right side. Her fingers are moving and she feels good.
Christopher, KZN

I had an abscess on my tooth and the side of my face was sore. I put magnesium on my cheek and the abscess shrunk so when I went to the dentist he could remove the tooth. I healed faster than ever before. Thank you!
Nadzia, KZN


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