Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Prostate and Magnesium

Dr Stora was the first to discover magnesium chloride as an effective agent in treating urinary troubles of prostate origin

"There is reasonable evidence to suggest that calcium may play an important role in the development of prostate cancer," says Dr. Carmen Rodriguez, senior epidemiologist, American Cancer Society (ACS).

Magnesium supplementation proved beneficial to men with problems from enlarged prostates

Doctor Chevassu gave other interesting data about 12 prostatic cases whom he treated with magnesium tablets. Ten of them were cured. One disappeared, and he does not know what the result was with him. The one that was not cured was left with nothing more than nightly urinations. The interesting thing is that the general physical condition of all these patients improved.

Dr. Pierre Delbet in Academy of Medicine (Paris), session of March 25, 1930, says, in regard to how magnesium acts on the body:
"As magnesium adds to the contractibility of smooth muscle fibers, one may wonder if the treatment doesn't act uniquely on the bladder, inasmuch as there isn't any parallel between reduction in size of the adenoma [a tumor of glandular origin] and functional improvement. But if, in certain cases, this improvement is considerable, when reduction in size is slight, which is favorable to the hypothesis, in other cases, it's quite the contrary, the reduction is quite more marked than functional improvement.

"In an earlier communication, M. Bretau and I have shown that age is accompanied by a reduction in magnesium in the most active organs and that the absorption of halogenated salts permits a struggle against certain manifestations of senility."

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