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Veridical Light - South Africa's number one Transdermal Magnesium supplier

Join the Ecobrick Eco-lution!

For every bottle of Lamp of Life Transdermal Magnesium you purchase, R5.00 (per 100ml), R10.00 (per 200ml) or R15.00 (per 500ml) goes to empowering the unemployed and taking plastic out of the environment. 

An Ecobrick is a 2L cooldrink bottle filled with chip and sweet packets, cling-film, polystyrene, photos, packets the supermarkets put your veggies and fruit into - any type of plastic that is not recyclable. 

These bricks can be used to build a variety of structures including raised beds for gardens, benches and tables, boundary walls and much more! Check out:

We are personally paying unemployed people to bring Ecobricks for storage until we have enough to start building things in our local communities or for to collect to do the same. 

There are currently no collection points for Ecobricks in KZN (or anywhere in South Africa except Cape Town as per the website) so for now they will be stored in our garage. 

Please visit for more information in Ecobricks and start making your own at home!

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Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa

Available products:

Lamp of Life Transdermal Magnesium
  • 100ml with atomiser
  • 200ml with atomiser
  • 500ml (available as a refill only) 
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076 132 9019
Our values and goals:

Veridical Light was started with the purpose of:

1. Creating an awareness about Transdermal Magnesium Therapy in South Africa.

2. Making Lamp of Life easily accessible and affordable to everyone in the country.  We were the first to introduce transdermal magnesium to South Africa and we believe that nobody should be without this incredible mineral and thanks to our prices, you do not have to be!

3. Our long term goal is to be able to supply this amazing mineral to every Hospice branch in South Africa. The incredible pain-relieving and tranquilizing effects of transdermal magnesium make it ideal for hospice/palliative care.

See: Hospice/Palliative care and Magnesium
See: Cancer and Magnesium

There are over 100 branches countrywide and we want to donate Lamp of Life to all of them. If you would like to donate a bottle of Lamp of Life to Hospice, please contact us for details of branches in your province.

We value our clients and want to provide the best service possible to ensure your satisfaction. We always welcome your feedback, whether good or bad.

We care about our senior citizens and give discount rates to pensioners.

We care about the environment and sustainability of life on our planet. For that reason, we only supply our product in GLASS. Please look after the world we live in and RECYCLE.

We are interested in helping other small businesses that provide natural products. If your company sells a safe and non-toxic product, let us know about it and we will put it on our blog!

See: Our favourite people, places and products

Email us to find out about the special rates we offer for bulk purchases.